Saturday, May 30, 2015

Da Last Day..

Tengok tajuk..amboii..da last day..mcm havoc sgt pulak..hehe...well..finally da day I've been waiting tiba..its been a...nk cakap experience yang mcm mne ea..bercampur sebenarnya...ape ayat paling suitable..hmm..wonderful?errkk..xsgt la kn..great..jauh sekali..haha...I would classified as..pengalaman yg xkan dilupakan la..hee

I can say that I'm proud of my self...bcoz..i really challenge myself to work in this INFORMATION SYSTEM...i use to hate this..even during my uni time..i always called my roommate even a small thing happen to my the font become bigger or smaller than usual..tapi working in this field requires me to know all..from the system that the company use to how to repair a machine..cashier machine etc...its da biggest achievement for me personally...
I need to act like I know it altough I don't...tambahan pulak outlet that I work nver use computerized system really need be tough to myself..being a leader really need u to be tough..biarpn bukan keja kat big mula keje GST baru nk mula..mak aihh..lgi la pening..its all new..even they change their system..sebelum ni guns sistem SYNERGY...memang..alamak..mse training dlu pkai sistem tu memang tension..huhu..looking back to those proud that I manage to survive..hehe..
Cuma..I cant fit with da people..setahun I setahun tak cukup..i dnt know...i believe semua ni ad hikmah..mesti ad..Allah xkn buat sesuatu perkara sesaje
Early this month I sent my resignation letter..n now..its my last day here...I'll miss my job...hehe..thank u for the experience..lets not meet again..daaaa..